There are so many ways to help! 

SBCCW are always looking for helpers.

We are here to promote the beef industry and we could use your talents to get the message out into our community.  Applying your time and talents to help SBCCW mission to carry the message of Beef education out into the community. Below you will find a list of suggestions to help you jump on board. You will find a list of activities in the Calendar and News Letter section as well emails and social media posts with sign ups as things draw closer. Use the contact form or call with questions.

1) Senior Dinners: SBCCW volunteer to cook and serve healthy meals to our Senior Centers in our valley throughout the year. Join the ladies in these wonderful evenings of giving back and community outreach. 

2) Selling Raffle Tickets : We have multiple raffles every year to raise money for our scholarships. Help the ladies sell these raffle tickets or purchase a handful yourself. 

3) Crafts/Art Making: Our silent auctions are always looking for new fresh donations to auction to raise funds for our students. We would love to showcase your talents at our auctions. 

4) Helping with booth merchandise sales: We all love to shop, but we need people to help sell items. We have multiple events throughout the year when we sell items to raise money for our beef education. Please lend a helping hand and volunteer to sell items at our stores. 

5) Set up and break down for events/activities: Party? Of course we all love a great party! We can't do it alone, we could use some help with set up and teardown. Set a table? Clear a plate? The extra hands would be amazing!

6) Silent Auction Donations: If you have new or gently used items (clothing, art, jewelry, home decor, etc..) we have two silent auctions a year that request donations. We normally ask for items close to the event but are happy to accept them any time. Donations are tax deductible, so if your business donates we will make sure to include their information at the auction. 

7) Ag in the classroom: Donate your time teaching children about the Beef industry either in the class or hosting a class on your ranch.

8) Board Meetings: Want to know more? You are always welcome to attend our board meetings and share new ideas to spread the word and support beef education. 

9) Host a ride on your ranch: We have several rides a year and are always searching for new ranches to ride on. We would love to learn about your family, its ranch and the history behind your story. 

10) Purchase Merchandise: We appreciate your membership and we understand how busy life can be. We realize volunteering is not always an option.  We offer a lot of fun merchandise to purchase to help show your support of the SBCCW in the community. 

11) DONATIONS:  We also graciously accept and appreciate all  monetary donations. They are tax deductible. Remember our mission is too positively promote beef and the beef industry while fundraising for scholarships for Beef Education and community outreach programs.