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Jackie Jaenicke is our AG in the Classroom committee chair.  Please reach out if you are interested in joining the Ag in the Classroom committee. 


Beef Education reading for all ages. We have books available for loan in the trailer as well this great resource for material.

Recommended Reading

Raising The Steak Children's Ag Book, Agriculture, Cattle, Cows, Farm Fresh Beef, Educational Ag Books

Available on Etsy. 

Raising The Steaks 

We are two Oklahoma cattle ranching mamas who work hard to provide farm fresh beef to our community.
We took our love of farm fresh beef and cattle ranching and poured our hearts into publishing an ag kids book titled, "Raising The Steaks".
The book will take the kids on a journey beginning with calving season through harvest as they learn about the steps to raising beef cattle and where their food comes from.
7 1/2 x 7 1/2 full color gloss book.
Great for all ages .
Support Your Local Cattle Ranchers and farm fresh beef!
đź’ĄAvailable for bulk purchase. Please send message.

Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum

Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum

Author: Dr. Seuss, illustrated by Andrew Joyner

Where to Purchase: Good Reads, Barnes & Noble,


Book Summary: Based on a 2013 manuscript and sketches, visit a museum with a horse as your guide! See how differentartists have seen horses, and learn about the creative process.

Publisher: Random House Children's Books

Publication Date: 2019

Age Range: 7-9

Price: $18.99 Hardcover, $11.99 Kindle

If I Ran the Horse Show, All About Horses

Author: Bonnie Worth, illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu

Where to Purchase: Good Reads, Barnes & Noble, Target,


Book Summary: Part of The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library, Learn all about horses!

Publisher: Random House Children's Books

Publication Date: 2012

Age Range: 5-8

Price: $9.99 Hardcover, $7.99 Kindle

What the Artist Saw: Georgia O'Keeffe She Saw the World in a Flower

Author: Gabrielle Balkan, illustrated by Josey Bloggs

Where to Purchase: Barnes & Noble, Good Reads, Target,


Book Summary: Step into her life and see how the New Mexico landscapes affected her life and her art

Publisher: DK Books

Publication Date: 2021

Age Range: 7-10

Price: $14.99 Hardcover, $7.99 ebook

Ka'imi's First Round-Up by Ilima Loomis and illustrated by Don Robinson

Ka'imi joins his papa and the other Hawai'ian paniolos at hisfirst island round- up. Is he up to the challenge?Publisher: Island Heritage Publishing

Publication Date: 2008

Age Range: Pre-school and up

Price: $7.38

Available in hard copy, paperback, Kindle

The Last Cowboys: A Pioneer Family in the New West

Author: John Branch

Where to Purchase: https://thelastcowboys.com, goodreads.com, W.W. Norton, Barnes & Noble, Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Last-Cowboys-Pioneer-Family-West/dp/0393292347/ref=asc_df_0393292347/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312111868709&hvpos=&hv

Book Summary: For generations, the Wrights of Southern Utah have raised cattle and world-champion saddle- bronc riders―many call them the most successful rodeo family in history. Now they find themselves fighting to save their land and livelihood as the West is transformed by urbanization, battered by drought, and rearranged by public- land disputes.

Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co.

Publication Date: 2019

Age Range: All Ages – Read with Dad

Price: $15.99 Hardcover; $9.99 Paperback; $9.99 Kindle

Code of the West: Then, Now and Forever

Author: Don Bishop, illustrations by Justin Wells

Where to Purchase: Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Code-West-Then-Now-Forever-ebook/dp/B01576X1HA, www.goodreads.com, Barnes & Noble, Kindle

Book Summary: The Code of the West is a touching story of cowboy life. It highlights the Lessons, Codes, and Values all country kids learn growing up riding horses and being responsible for chores on a farm or ranch. This unique book tells the cowboy story - from the cattle drive era to modern-day ranching and rodeos.

Publisher: Old West Cedarmill Publishing

Publication Date: 2003

Age Range: All Ages – Read As A Family!

Price: $7.99 Kindle

Thomas Jefferson - Grows a Nation

Winner of the 2016 SCBWI Golden Kite Honor for Picture Book IllustrationEureka! Honor from the California Reading Association Thomas Jefferson was more than a president and patriot. He was also a planter and gardener who loved to watch things grow--everything from plants and crops to even his brand-new nation. As minister to France, Jefferson promoted all things American, sharing corn and pecans with his Parisian neighbors. As secretary of state, he encouraged his fellow farmers to grow olives, rice and maple trees. As president, he doubled the size of the nation with the Louisiana Purchase. Even in his retirement, Jefferson continued to nurture the nation, laying the groundwork for the University of Virginia. In this meticulously researched picture book for older readers, author Peggy Thomas uncovers Jefferson's passion for agriculture and his country. And Stacy Innerst's incredibly original illustrations offer the right balance of reverence and whimsy. This is Thomas Jefferson as he's never been seen before! Back matter includes an author's note on Jefferson's legacy today; timeline, bibliography; place to visit (Monticello); and source notes.

Food Bullying - How to Avoid Buying B.S. by Michele Payn

Consumers are being manipulated to be confused about good food choices in the grocery store. By learning how consumers are influence, as advocates for good nutrition and health in our food system we can learn how consumers are affected and how we can assure them of the safety of our food system and beef.

As a gold medal award-winning title in the health/medicine/nutrition category of the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards, or "IPPY" Awards, Food Bullying: How to Avoid Buying B.S. reveals the $5.75 trillion secret that food marketers and celebrity spokespeople don't want you to know and provides tools to defend your food choices.More than 40,000 products can be found in a grocery store, making it a playground for food bullying and leading consumers to believe that B.S. (bull speak) food is superior. Positioning one food as superior to another lies at the heart of food bullying and marketing profits. Misleading marketing has made food an unnecessarily emotional topic where each choice is seemingly a moral statement or social movement.

Food Bullying upends the way you think about food and gives you permission to make eating choices based on your own social, ethical, environmental, and health standards rather than brand, friend, or Facebook claims. Michele Payn, one of North America's leading voices in connecting farm and food, takes a startling look at the misrepresentation of food and sheds light on bogus nutrition and environmental claims to help you recognize and stand up to the bullies. Food Bullying guides you through understanding food label claims and offers insight on "the hidden world of farming". Armed with science and a lifetime on the farm, Michele provides a six-step action plan for you to overcome food bullying, simplify safe food choices, and even save time in the grocery store.

The Big Fat Surprise - by Nina Teicholz

"The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet"

~ by Nina Teicholz

This book is available from your usual book retailers.

 African American Women of the Old West 

Author: Tricia Martineau Wagner

Where to Purchase: Amazon.com

Book Summary: Histories and highlights of the lives of ten remarkable Black women, including the amazing Mary Ann Pleasant who amassed a fortune in San Francisco simply by listening. She became a financial force in the City and owned vast areas of real estate. Cigar smoking, gun-toting Mary Fields was a force to be reckoned with in Montana. Clara Brown gained her freedom from slavery and $300 when her owner died, and she headed to Colorado. Biddy Mason walked 1,700 miles west to Utah with a baby in her arms. These women's stories are inspiring!

Publisher: Two Dot Press

Publication Date: 2007

Age Range: 8-Young Adult and Adult

Price: $14.99 Paperback, $13.99 e-book

A Compelling Book for All Ages -- And See the Movie, "Temple Grandin" Starring Clare Danes

Diagnosed with autism at a young age, instead of being institutionalized, Temple's mother encouraged her to go to school. But it was a trip to her aunt's ranch in Arizona that changed her life. That mentoring experience along with her early professors encouraged her own mentoring of thousands of students, ranchers, processors, and others.

Dr. Grandin is a world-renowned scientist and professor at Colorado State University. Her world-changing career has revolutionized the livestock industry through cruelty-free designed facilities and practices. She thinks visually like animals do and she gives them a voice. She knows that animals raised for food should be treated with respect.

Her story is both compelling and inspiring. Read this enjoyable biography or make it part of your school's Common Core curriculum.

O Pioneers! (Vintage Classics)

The novel that first made Willa Cather famous-a powerfully mythic tale of the American frontier told through the life of one extraordinary woman
One of America's greatest writers, Cather established her talent and her reputation with this extraordinary novel-the first of her books set on the Nebraska frontier. A tale of the prairie land encountered by America's Swedish, Czech, Bohemian, and French immigrants, as well as a story of how the land challenged them, changed them, and, in some cases, defeated them, Cather's novel is a uniquely American epic.